Why Book a Repair?

Car repair is wide in range and scope. Normally the problem is very apparent. Everyone knows what a blown tyre looks like but how about a car that just doesn’t start or makes a strange noise? This where you need our expertise in analyzing, pricing and executing a repair on your car.

The key is to act on an engine light, a difference in performance, increased engine or anything out of the ordinary that your car starts to tell you about. More often than not the repair will be quick, easy and low but conversely ignoring these warning signs can take the bill in another direction. Take it off the road, get it resuced to your house or to our location or have us visit you where you are.


In our vast experience, many of the more expensive repairs that we undertake were very avoidable. There is nothing worse than informing a customer that that they have landed themselves with expensive through ignoring an obvious sign that the engine was having issue.

If you notice that your car is behaving differently, has changed performance or the engine light is on then get in touch ASAP and we can help.


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