The importance of a shock absorber

Shock absorbers are an important part of a vehicle’s suspension. They are designed to smooth out a sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic (movement) energy.

Good condition shock absorbers make it easy for your tyres to hold on the road.

Remember, that your vehicle is attached to the road by just four, postcard sized tyre prints.

Faulty shock absorbers literally break road contact and can increase braking distance and affect high speed steering stability.

Put simply, shock absorbers help cushion vehicles on uneven roads, leading to improved ride quality and an increase in comfort. Without them, the ride would be uncomfortable.

Shock absorbers are a key component of a vehicle’s suspension system. Worn shock absorbers can have an adverse effect on suspension components and tyres, and can be extremely dangerous. We advise you have your shock absorbers checked regularly. Replacing shock absorbers regularly also prevents premature wear to other parts of the vehicle, such as suspension components and tyres.

If you think your shock absorbers are worn, pop in and see us. After a quick look we will be able to tell you their condition and change them if necessary, before they damage other (more costly) parts of your car.

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