Your tyres are the only part of your car to touch the ground, therefore it is essential to keep them in top form. Failure to do so could risk your safety as well as getting you in trouble with the law.

Driving with damaged or worn tyres put you at risk of landing a big fine as well as invalidating your car insurance and endangering lives. For the same reason tyres must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s and the tyre manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Your tread depth must not fall below the legal minimum. The tread is that part of the tyre in contact with the road in normal conditions. The minimum depth of tread depends on the class of vehicle.

The law says –

Fit for purpose means that a tyre must:

  • be compatible with the types of tyres fitted to the other wheels
  • not have any lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial failure of the structure.
  • not have a cut or tear in excess of 25mm or 10% of the sectional width of the tyre, whichever is the greater, and which is deep enough to reach the ply or cord.
  • not have any part of the ply or cord exposed

A vehicle with any of these faults or with tyres of different sizes on the same axel could fail their MOT test.

With all this in mind you will be happy to hear that we offer free tyre inspections!

We have many tyres readily available if your tyres need changing, Don’t leave it until its too late.


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